Last update: Thu, Feb 9, 2017 at 4:21 AM.
Proposed change 9/13/09
  • This is a proposed change to the Requesting notification using REST section of the rssCloud walkthrough document.
  • After #5, we'd add a #6.
  • 6. domain -- an optional parameter that specifies the machine that will receive notifications. If it is not specified, notifications are sent to the IP address the request came from.
  • Notes:
  • 1. This change reflects reality in 2009. Aggregators may have multiple machines that receive notification, or the handler might move to a different IP address before the subscription expires.
  • 2. It's only possible to make this change for the REST interface because there are XML-RPC and SOAP implementations that do not allow optional parameters.
  • 3. You should send the domain parameter if your setup requires it, omit it if it doesn't.
  • 4. It's essential that aggregators continue to poll periodically.
  • 5. It's even more important that cloud servers test the notification handler before registering it.
  • 6. My cloud server,, has this change implemented on a provisional basis.
  • IMPORTANT: As of 9/13/09 this is a proposed change. You may implement it to evaluate it, but don't depend on it being the final method for implementing this functionality. It's possible we will find deal-stoppers before nailing this down.